Anni Leppälä – Munich

The Barbara Gross Galerie in Munich is currently holding their first exhibit with Finnish photographer, Anni Leppälä.

Anni Leppälä - Shirt (hand) - 2010
Anni Leppälä, Shirt (hand), pigment print on aluminum, 12 x 17″, 2010.

The recent imagery coming from Anni Leppälä has been carefully stripped of identity. These anonymous portraits are solemn investigations into the objectification of the body. The removal of distinguishable traits enables the viewer to commune with the models on a level that recalls personal experience more than an external voyeurism.

Anni Leppälä - Garden - 2007
Anni Leppälä, Garden, c-print on aluminum, 24 x 33″, 2007.

An uneasy feeling rolls over those that witness these small scale photographs. The fragmented anatomy plays with our desire to complete. Our eye follows leading lines that cause the mind to exhaust contextual possibilities, for better or worse.

Leppälä is a member of the Helsinki School, a strong selection of young artists from the region that has gathered some attention through their collective. Be sure to click on the link and check out her comrades.

Anni Leppälä - Two Daughters (in a boat) - 2010
Anni Leppälä, Two Daughters (in a boat), pigment print on aluminum, 12 x 17″, 2010.

Anni Leppälä
1 April – 14 May 2011
Barbara Gross Galerie

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  1. Anna says:

    These images are so beautiful. I love the girl in the mask.

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