Ben Jackel – Compliance Solutions

Some exceptional sculptures from Ben Jackel will be on view in the gallery at L.A. Louver opening May 15th. Works in clay and wood make up “Compliance Solutions” his first solo exhibition.

Ben Jackel - IED - 2008

Jackel accumulates ideas from his interest in history, particularly the history of war. The sculptures combine excellent technique with a concentration on subtle changes in material. Be sure to check out the photos of the studio process at the exhibition website.

Ben Jackel - Fire Axe - 2008-09

Most of the pieces take advantage of a shift in scale. Within this framework further ironies develop. A miniature burnt out army vehicle creates a feeling of power in the viewer whereas 256 six inch greek warriors humble in a style that intimates Gulliver’s excursion to Lilliput.

Ben Jackel - Syntagma - 2008-09

Ben Jackel
Compliance Solutions
15 May – 3 July 2009
L.A. Louver
Venice, CA

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