Bernardi Roig – Pierrot Le Fou Is (Not) Dead

Mixed media sculptures and charcoal studies from Bernardi Roig are on view at the Claire Oliver Gallery in NYC. “Pierrot le fou is (not) Dead” runs through the middle of January, if you are in the city, this one should not be missed.

Bernardi Roig - Pierrot le fou (detail) - 2009
Bernardi Roig, Pierrot le fou (detail), mixed media, 2009.

Art Miami (covered here on LIMO) offered a lot of excellent work this year. One of the highlights for me was the engaging output from Bernardi Roig at the Claire Oliver booth. The repeated form of Roig’s stark white man acts as a surface for the viewer to project their own ideas and misconceptions. The rapport that builds can range from affinity to compassion.

Bernardi Roig - Despondency Exercise (detail) - 2009
Bernardi Roig, Despondency Exercise (detail), mixed media, 2009.

The exhibition of “Pierrot le fou is (not) Dead” includes several pieces that were shown in Miami combined with a larger scope of the artist’s recent work. The balance of strong concept and superior craftsmanship will remain long after a visit to the gallery.

Bernardi Roig - Pierrot le fou - Study 1 - 2009
Bernardi Roig, Pierrot le fou – Study 1, charcoal on paper, 2009.

Bernardi Roig
Pierrot le fou is (not) Dead
10 December 2009 – 16 January 2010
Claire Oliver Gallery

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  1. doghed says:

    i was drawn to these sculptures in the photos from Art Basel, immediately. they are luminescent, and they do indeed evoke compassion. pierrot’s face is unbelievably expressive, and innocent.

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