Carter Hodgkin – Unforeseen Behaviors

“Unforeseen Behaviors,” Carter Hodgkin’s first solo exhibition at Denise Bibro Fine Art is now showing through the middle of October in NYC.

Carter Hodgkin - Willy Nilly Routine - 2010
Carter Hodgkin, Willy Nilly Routine, oil, acrylic and inkjet on canvas, 2010.

The vast majority of painting draws inspiration from an external source. Reference, even kept to a minimum, is that which binds the work to a shared world.

In these paintings the artist has chosen to visually recreate patterns left by atomic sized particulate impacts. She animates the action and extracts single frames of interest to be recrafted in paint. The results serve as a reminder of the unseen frictions that make life interesting.

Carter Hodgkin - Quantum Dissipation - 2010
Carter Hodgkin, Quantum Dissipation, oil, acrylic and inkjet on canvas, 2010.

Hodgkin has earned her place among an exciting new breed of artist. The directions that technology has been offering these visual pioneers encourages limitless possibilities in form, composition and communication. Currently, great success has been achieved in the fusion of traditional and digital media but there is cause to wonder if the remnant of human touch need exist in the future.

In order to take such strides, reviews of computer assisted imagery may need to overcome irrational embarrassments and accept that humanity and technology will continue an unwavering course of integration.

Carter Hodgkin - Grand Theft Fall - 2009
Carter Hodgkin, Grand Theft Fall, oil, acrylic and inkjet on canvas, 2009.

Carter Hodgkin
Unforeseen Behaviors
9 September – 16 October 2010
Denise Bibro Fine Art

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  1. l00k says:

    Me too, looking forward to stopping in at the gallery.

  2. kathy goodell says:

    Beautiful paintings-I can’t wait to see them in person!

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