Chelsea: Thursday Openings in NYC

Here is the list of openings that we will be attending tonight in Chelsea, NYC. Be sure to stop by our show, A Rainbow of Emotions from Angela Oaks.
Angela Oaks at NOWhere Limited

Taca Sui “Odes” at Chambers Fine Art
19 street: 522 W 19 street, 6-8pm

Mark Jenkins, Tameka Norris “Unsupervised” at Lombard-Freid Projects
19 street: 518 West 19th , 6-8pm

Paul Anthony Smith “Transience” at ZieherSmith
20 street: 516 W 20 street, 6-8pm

Howard Mehring at Gary Snyder Gallery
20 street: 529 W 20 street, floor 10, 6-8pm

“New York City Art Fair: Japanese Contemporary Art” at hpgrp gallery
20 street: 529 W 20th Street, #2W, noon-9pm

Diego Perrone “Scultura che non sia conchiglia non canta” at Casey Kaplan
21 street: 525 W 21 street, 6-8pm

William Cordova “yawar mallku: temporal landscapes” at Sikkema Jenkins & Co.
22 street: 530 W 22 street, 6-8pm

“Independent 2013” at Independent
22 street: 548 W 22 street, 4-9pm

Hans Berg, Nathalie Djurberg at Zach Feuer Gallery
22 street: 548 W 22 street, 6-8pm

Jane LaFarge Hamill “Emoticon” at J. Cacciola Gallery
23 street: 537 W 23rd st, 6-8pm

Angela Oaks “A Rainbow of Emotions” at NOWhere Limited
24th Street: Curbside between 10th & 11th Avenues

Mike Brodie “A Period of Juvenile Prosperity” at Yossi Milo Gallery
24 street: 245 Tenth Avenue, 6-8pm

Peter Hutchinson “The Logic of Mountains – 1963-2013” at Freight + Volume
24 street: 530 W 24 street, 6-9pm

Ilit Azoulay “Room #8” at Andrea Meislin Gallery
24 street: 534 W 24th Street, 6-8pm

Paul Kolker “In a Blink of the Eye!” at Paul Kolker
25 street: 511 W 25 street, 6-8pm

Mary Lucier “New Installation Works” at Lennon, Weinberg, Inc.
25 street: 514 W 25 street, 6-8pm

Betsy Eby “Night Music” at Winston Wacher Fine Art
25 street: 530 W 25 street, 6-8pm

Sojung Lee “anthologia” at Doosan Gallery
25 street: 533 W 25 street, 6-8pm

Adrian Ghenie at Pace Gallery
25 street: 534 W 25 street, 6-8pm

Brian Rose “Time and Space on the Lower East Side: 1980 + 2010” at Dillon Gallery
25 street: 555 W 25 street, 6-8pm

Wang Wusheng “Celestial Realm” at Barry Friedman Ltd
26 street: 515 W 26 street

Richard Anuszkiewicz “Richard Anuszkiewicz: New Work 2003 – 2013” at Loretta Howard Gallery
26 street: 525 W 26 street, 6-8pm

“The Home Project” at Rogue Space
26 street: 526 W 26 street, suite 9E, 6-9pm

Lena Viddo, Maria Kreyn, Pablo Guarderas “Incarnations” curated by Lena Viddo at The Highline Loft
26 street: 508 W 26th St, 5th floor, 6-9pm

Kiki Kaye “To See It My Way” at Ceres Gallery
27 street: 547 W 27 street, floor 2, 6-8pm

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