Christo and Jeanne Claude – Friends of Over The River

In the summer of 2013, Christo will bring “Over the River” to our home state of Colorado. The recent passing of Jeanne-Claude, Christo’s wife and partner was felt deeply by the art community but her legacy will surely live on through this awesome artwork.

The project consists of nearly six miles of silvery translucent fabric suspended horizontally over various parts of the Arkansas River spanning the forty mile stretch between Salida and Cañon City. “Over the River” will be viewable from two vantage points. Motorists will be able to witness it’s grandeur from US-50 and rafters are encouraged to float directly under the fabric panels. The temporary artwork will be in place for a mere two weeks. The image below is from a test conducted on private property near the Colorado/Utah border.

Christo and Jeanne Claude - Over the River - Life-Sized Test 1999
Christo and Jeanne Claude, Over the River, Life-Sized Test, 1999.

“Friends of Over the River” is a grassroots advocacy organization in support of the project. I just joined and encourage you to do the same at this link.

From “Friends of Over the River”:
“Becoming a ‘Friend’ is easy and can involve as little or as much time as you are willing to give. At a minimum, the group typically asks their participants to help by discussing the project with their friends and neighbors and by submitting a written comment during the permitting process. Those who want to get more involved can do so by writing letters to the editor, volunteering at events or attending the Bureau of Land Management’s public hearings, to name a few activities. It’s up to you how much you participate, and there are plenty of different ways to get involved.”

Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Over the River
scheduled for Summer 2013
Arkansas River, Colorado

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