Corin Hewitt – Seed Stage

Corin Hewitt has set up his rather unusual studio in the Anne & Joel Ehrenkranz Lobby Gallery at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Each weekend since October Hewitt has entertained museum visitors with a glimpse into his process as it happens.

Corin Hewitt - Seed Stage - Exhibition Photo

The corners of the room are open so that the actions of the artist are visible from four perspectives. The studio lighting and food processing are reminiscent of a cooking show but there are complex systems at work on and in every surface. Worms are at busy digesting polaroids in the root cellar, food is growing, cooking and decaying throughout the space.

Corin Hewitt - Seed Stage - Exhibition Photo

The effort that Hewitt puts into these systems award him with materials that he arranges into still lifes. These results are photographed, printed and framed within the “Seed Stage”. The finished works are displayed on the exterior walls of the studio for public consumption. If you have already seen this exhibit it may be a good plan to have another look to complete the experience. This is a living piece and an excellent means to understanding motive and method.

Corin Hewitt - Seed Stage - Untitled

Corin Hewitt
Seed Stage
3 October 2008 – 4 January 2009
Whitney Museum of American Art

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