Debra Hampton – Twenty Paces

“Twenty Paces” from Debra Hampton opened last night at Priska C. Juschka Fine Art in NYC. The exhibit is a mixed media affair with two dimensional collage based works as well as some excellent sculptures.

Debra Hampton - From Profit to Protection - 2009
Debra Hampton, From Profit to Protection, magazine cut out, watercolor and ink on paper on board, 2009.

Our culture has for some time been sprinting toward a technological singularity. The imagery in “Twenty Paces” currently arouses parallels to science fiction but advances in robotics and artificial intelligence may make these pieces, with time, resemble fact.

The very real possibility of being confronted with “living” machines may be frightening but we have proven that we can become accustomed to the most unusual impacts progress has on society. Ten years ago, a person talking alone on a street corner would be cause for alarm. Today we may still check for the earpiece but it is assumed that the conversation is not a solitary exercise.

Debra Hampton - Suit of Armor #2 - 2010
Debra Hampton, Suit of Armor #2, recyclable plastic containers and lids, glue, spray paint and clear glaze, 2010.

Recycling plays a strong part in the construction of all of Debra Hampton’s work regardless of media. “Suit of Armor” (above) literally gains it’s form from used but not forgotten plastic containers. The collage work recycles advertisements from magazines that adorn her figures with an activated consumerism that reminds the viewer of the future as well as a primitive past.

This is one of those exhibitions that I decided to cover a while back and have since had it recommended to my inbox many times from folks across the globe. Head over to Priska C. Juschka and find out what all the fuss is about for yourself.

Debra Hampton - Gold Rush - 2008
Debra Hampton, Gold Rush, magazine cut out, watercolor and ink, 2008.

Debra Hampton
Twenty Paces
25 February – 3 April 2010
Priska C. Juschka Fine Art

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