Doug Foster – Only Human

Doug Foster - Breather - Installation Shot

The Fine Art Society in London has opened a two week viewing of the installations of Doug Foster. “Only Human” delves into human need and desire to be needed. Often calling attention to the other, these pieces evoke a whole arrived at through the power of duality.

In “Breather”, the audience is invited to look through two sets of peep holes set in a rusty steel cabinet. The upper view port shows a breathless woman in water up to the neck. She fills her lungs and dips below the surface calling attention to the lower set of optics that offer a scene in which the woman now completely submerged shares her breath with a man in the form of a kiss. It’s the kind of work that shows some of the possibilities of video installation.

Doug Foster - Breather Top

Doug Foster - Breather - Bottom

Doug Foster - Folding Stereoscopic Viewer

Also included in the exhibition is Foster’s “Folding Stereoscopic Viewer”. The resultant three dimensional images of women in front of the bathroom mirror creates a reality that is a whole dependent on it’s parts.

Doug Foster - Mirror in the Bathroom Series - Emily

Doug Foster - Mirror in the Bathroom Series - Installation Shot

Doug Foster
Only Human
10-23 September 2008
FAS Contemporary Art

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  1. Angela Anderson says:

    Doug’s work takes you by surprise and forces you to extend your mind beyond what you think you are seeing. Superb!

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