Gino Rubert – Irma Lentamente

Barcelona’s Galería Senda has installed their sixth solo exhibition with Gino Rubert. “Irma Lentamente” (Irma Slowly) features paintings and drawings created over the past year.

Gino Rubert - Heroes - 2009
Gino Rubert, Heroes, mixed media on canvas, 2009.

The paintings are explorations into the personal attitudes of the artist. There is often the feeling that you’ve opened the wrong door, apologized and replaced the wood firmly into the hole. When extraordinary moments, or in this case paintings, occur it is human nature for the memory to loop like a film on the mind.

Gino Rubert - Toy Kiss - 2009
Gino Rubert, Toy Kiss, mixed media on canvas, 2009.

This exhibit is giving us a first look at the drawings of Gino Rubert. They are technically exquisite with varying degrees of complexity. The inclusion of these pieces in “Irma Lentamente” is a great counterpart to the paintings offering the most complete view of the artist’s manner to date.

Gino Rubert - Legs Mind - 2009
Gino Rubert, Legs Mind, mixed media on paper, 2009.

Gino Rubert
Irma lentamente
17 September – 24 October 2009
Galería Senda

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