Here and Elsewhere – New Museum

The museum-wide exhibition “Here and Elsewhere” opens tomorrow.

An eight-person delegation of artists with common roots in the Gulf region, GCC borrows its name from the abbreviation of Gulf Cooperation Council, an alliance of six oil-exporting nations bordering the Arabian Gulf (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman). Since its founding, GCC has ironically examined aspects of contemporary Gulf society, often manipulating the decorum and objects that accompany rituals of celebration, or tapping into the lexicon of images, environments, and aesthetic sensibilities that they find emblematic of the region.

At the New Museum, GCC has transformed the Museum’s Lobby into one characteristic of a luxury Gulf hotel, wallpapering images onto the Lobby’s core elevator wall and facade windows.

Image: Courtesy New Museum, New York. Photo: Benoit Pailley

Via: New Museum

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