Interiors – Paintings By

Natasha Kissell - Siegfried's Front Room

A room surrenders a glimpse into the inhabitants soul. The painters in the current show, “Interiors: Paintings By” at Gallery 10G have picked up on this phenomena of the externalized interior. These are not mere architectural renderings; the artists have added bits of fancy excogitated from their perception. The results range from charming to surreal. Don’t miss the opportunity to check out the spaces created by Natasha Kissell, Ian Hartshorne, Michael Tole & Louise Thomas. While marveling at painterly technique you may just find an idea for a rug that really ties your room together.

Ian Hartshorne - Exit Strategy

Louise Thomas - Newton Ferrers

Interiors: Paintings By
Kissell, Hartshorne, Tole & Thomas
17 September – ? 2008
Gallery 10G

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