Janine Antoni – Up Against

“Up Against”, an impressive variety of work from Janine Antoni currently inhabits the Luhring Augustine galleries in NYC.

Janine Antoni - Tear - 2008
Janine Antoni, Tear, lead, steel, HD video projection with surround sound, 2008.

The 4,182 pound wrecking ball that is part of the installation “Tear” (above) is accompanied by a projection of the artist’s eye. The wrecking ball was cast in lead and used to demolish a building. The soft metal gave slightly with each blow creating a history of each impact. The sound of these collisions have been synchronized to the blinking of the large eye. Should the effect be lost on the viewer, they should perhaps check for their own pulse.

Janine Antoni - Conduit - 2009
Janine Antoni, Conduit, copper sculpture with urine verdigris patina, 2009.

“Conduit” (above) advances the body in relation to architecture theme. The sculpture was designed as a prosthetic device enabling a woman to urinate from the standing position. The piece is accompanied by a photograph of the artist making use of “Conduit” while standing on the roof edge of a large skyscraper. The work as a whole brims with humorous irony that could be lost if taken too seriously.

Janine Antoni - Inhabitat - 2009
Janine Antoni, Inhabitat, lead, steel, digital c-print, 2008.

I have always thought of Antoni’s art as very personal. Response to her efforts vary depending on the expectations of the viewer. Some envision Janine Antoni serenely riding a carefully contoured wave while thrusting a torch to the sky. Others, like myself imagine her surfing with fire. The artist completely understands this dichotomy and uses the knowledge to both irritate and inspire.

Janine Antoni
Up Against
12 September – 24 October 2009
Luhring Augustine

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