Josh Keyes – Paintings

Many of the recent paintings by Josh Keyes detail a world post climate change.

Josh Keyes - Painting (6)

Josh Keyes - Painting (4)

Josh Keyes - Painting (1)

Josh Keyes - Painting (2)

Josh Keyes - Painting (3)

Artist: Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes - Painting (7)

I am a storyteller, and both the story and the telling evolve and grow from an organic and personal process. My work draws from imaginative imagery that I use to chart my personal life experience and my thoughts on contemporary global concerns and issues. The animals and environments I paint serve to personify certain aspects and cycles of the human condition, both personally and collectively. These visual expressions are then overlaid with global and environmental issues that are accentuated using dystopian themes and metaphorical images. The result of this union is imagery that draws inspiration from mythology, folktales, and fantasy, and is expressed through my personal voice and story. – Josh Keyes

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