Kiel Johnson – Publish Or Perish

Kiel Johnson has been invited back for a second solo show at the Mark Moore Gallery in Santa Monica.

Kiel Johnson - Two Sides to Every Story: AKA Boom Boom - 2009
Kiel Johnson, Two Sides to Every Story: AKA Boom Boom, chipboard, foam, tape and glue, 2009.

The artist has brought a wide array of media into play for this exhibition. The work operates on a memetic algorithm that holds significant personal meaning for Johnson but also conjures complex nostalgic reactions in the viewer. The transformation of fact through the circuitry of memory and experience drive the presentation.

Kiel Johnson - After and Before - 2009
Kiel Johnson, After and Before, ink on paper, 2009.

Communication of fuzzy thoughts that exist in a states of change can be a difficult task. In the form of a basic, albeit intricate abstraction, “After and Before” (above) posits a direct view of this duality in perception.

To further clarify his individuality, Johnson created an “autobiographical printing press” (below). Images chronicling the construction in the artist’s studio can be found here.

Kiel Johnson - Publish or Perish - 2009
Kiel Johnson, Publish or Perish, pine ply, steel, aluminum, inkjet on paper, chipboard, 2009.

Kiel Johnson
17 October – 14 November 2009
Mark Moore Gallery
Santa Monica, CA

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