Laurel Nakadate – Fever Dreams At The Crystal Motel

“Fever Dreams at the Crystal Motel” is the current show at Leslie Tonkonow in NYC. Laurel Nakadate has put together a selection of short videos and photographs for this exhibition.

Laurel Nakadate - Exorcism in January - 2009
Laurel Nakadate, Exorcism in January, 2009.

The videos are both projected and displayed on monitors throughout the gallery. These moving images feature the artist performing ritual exorcisms on her cast of neophyte thespians. The scenes vary from small, dark motel rooms to the outdoor expanses of the Western United States. Excerpts from these videos are available for download at the gallery website.

Laurel Nakadate - Lucky Tiger #3 - 2009
Laurel Nakadate, Lucky Tiger #3, 2009.

Alongside the video work are two series of recent photographs, “Fever Dreams” and “Lucky Tiger”. For the “Lucky Tiger” project, Nakadate enlisted the help of anonymous middle-aged men, volunteers from an ad on Craigslist. The group covered their fingers with ink and sat in a circle passing around photos of the artist in suggestive poses reminiscent of 1950’s pinups. “Fever Dreams” is a collection of stills shot during the production of Nakadate’s videos.

Laurel Nakadate - Farther from Home than I'd Ever Been - 2009
Laurel Nakadate, Farther from Home than I’d Ever Been, 2009.

Laurel Nakadate also recently premeired her first feature film “Stay the Same Never Change” at the 2009 Sundance Film festival. Here’s the trailer.

Laurel Nakadate
Fever Dreams at the Crystal Motel
7 May – 24 July 2009
Leslie Tonkonow

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  1. doghed says:

    “exorcism in january” is haunting my dreams now. it stands quite alone in total film magnificence. specifically, i love that “anonymous” white guy’s face, abstracted, in the corner.

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