Lee Materazzi – Making Space

“Making Space”, a series of recent photographs from Lee Materazzi is on display at Quint Contemporary Art.

Lee Materazzi - Head in Dirt - 2008

Materazzi employs a strong sense of theatrical staging in these photographs. The flooded light present in each still is reminiscent of shopping catalog photographs. The overall brightness along with the suffocating sensations of modern living serve as good reasons for her subjects to bury their heads.

Lee Materazzi - Head in Picture - 2008

The presentations strike as comedic on an intuitive level and blossom into dark warnings. The artist does not betray identity in these images. Unknown bodies become trapped in their environment and objectified to an extent that renders them indistinguishable from trendy furniture or fashion choices.

Lee Materazzi - Storage Container - 2008

Lee Materazzi
Making Space
20 February – 28 March 2009
Quint Contemporary Art
La Jolla, California

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2 Responses to Lee Materazzi – Making Space

  1. Helen says:

    Weird coincidence – I feel like I should check all my closets for naked people right now!

    Great work, though. I really like both of these artists (Materazzi and also Hundley.) Materazzi’s headless ones are brilliant! There are also some of Hundley’s photos of flying or floating fabric figures, which I love, in the photography category of this site.

  2. JDF says:

    Interestingly, (sculptor and photographer) William Hundey has a series called “Little Naked People” based on this same exact premise (storage).

    Series can be viewed here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/williamhundley/2139287757/in/set-72157603555896753/

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