Lynchmob – A Tribute To David Lynch

Kollektiv-Berlin hosts impressive exhibitions at unique venues. The current show is being held at the former Hungarian Cultural Center in Berlin. “Lynchmob” gathers thirty international artists that created artworks stemming from, inspired by or in direct response to the oeuvre of David Lynch. The exhibit was curated by Emilie Trice and Christopher David.

Christoph Steffner - Requiem Mindfuck - 2009

David Lynch is best known as a film director but he has also gained attention for his personal mixed media works. Lynch deserves this salutation and his contributions offer an excellent springboard to new ideas.

Stefan Saffer - Lynchmob - 2009

The exhibit concludes with a party on February 21st. Burlesque dress is required for all attendees.

Lynchmob - 2009

“Bring it out and see what happens.” – David Lynch

7 – 21 February 2009

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