Ma Yanling – Tian’anmen

“Tian’anmen” is the first solo exhibition in Los Angeles from Ma Yanling. LA Contemporary is hosting the show of recent mixed media paintings.

Ma Yanling - Tian'anmen-B - 2007
Ma Yanling, Tian’anmen-B, 2007.

Ma Yanling extends her expression through painting, photography and performance. These painted canvas giclées demonstrate facets of each approach. Yanling photographs her suicide performances and prints them on canvas. The reproduction is then hand painted utilizing a traditional Chinese technique that is composed of eighteen distinct strokes. The fine brushwork is weaved on the surface actualizing a veiled conclusion.

Ma Yanling - Tian'anmen-Gray-A - 2007
Ma Yanling, Tian’anmen-Gray-A, 2007.

The Tian’anmen Square is a cultural center with a checkered past of protest. The government is concerned with the actions of citizens in the Square and maintains a close control over the area.

The essence of these works satisfy established convention and topical concerns. The statements are not a lionization of violence. The artist makes a call for political change with her display of the paramount in personal freedom.

Ma Yanling - Migrant Worker - 2008
Ma Yanling, Migrant Worker, 2008.

Ma Yanling
23 May – 20 June 2009
LA Contemporary
Los Angeles

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