Marc Trujillo – Drive-Thru

“Drive-Thru”, a series of new oil paintings by Marc Trujillo is on view at the Hackett-Freedman Gallery in San Francisco.

Marc Trujillo - 10905 Riverside Drive - 2007

Picking up food from a window is an experience that by design is not memorable. The goal is speed and once the order has been filled the witness is gone. A reminiscence of the affair is set off almost entirely by problems with service. In these paintings, Trujillo offers a long look at the transient rendezvous.

Marc Trujillo - 1919 Pico Boulevard - 2007

The artist does not pass judgment on the eating habits of the viewer. This approach allows for many readings of the content. One that worked in the fast food industry sees a prison while someone seeking accelerated nourishment envisions an oasis.

Marc Trujillo - 1603 South Le Brea Avenue - 2008

Marc Trujillo
Drive Thru
12 March – 30 April 2009
Hackett-Freedman Gallery
San Francisco

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