Maya Lin – Platform

Platform, Maya Lin, Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill, NY. Detail view of Equator (2014), Latitude of New York City (2013) and Arctic Circle (2013). Courtesy Pace Gallery, NY. Photo: Gary Mamay.

Maya Lin, Pin River–Sandy (2013), steel straight pins. Courtesy Pace Gallery, NY. Photo: Gary Mamay.

Maya Lin, Mexcox Bay (2013), Georgica Pond (2014), and Accabonac Harbor (2014), recycled silver. Courtesy Pace Gallery, NY. Photo: Gary Mamay.

Eco-Minded Art

The Parrish Art Museum presents the ecologically informed sculpture and installation work of Maya Lin for the latest installation in their Platform series, featuring pieces that particularly resonate within the greater New York area. Lin employs technology usually reserved for environmental science, such as sonar scans and satellite mapping devices, to study the world around her; her findings are then transmuted into minimal, elegant works that provide a capsule visual of our expansive planet.

Installation view of Platform: Maya Lin. Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill, NY. In foreground, Equator (2014), Latitude of New York City (2013) and Arctic Circle (2013). On wall, Pin River—Sandy (2013). Courtesy Pace Gallery, NY. Photo: Gary Mamay.

In Platform: Maya Lin, three large marble sculptures—Arctic Circle, Latitude New York City, and Equator—sit one inside the other, representing the topographies of each respective zone; the sculptures provide an otherwise unseen perspective of the earth’s surface. On one wall is Pin River—Sandy, which maps the boundaries of Hurricane Sandy’s flooding using only steel straight pins; the facing wall holds three new works crafted from recycled silver, which map three local bodies of water: Accabonac Harbor, Mecox Bay, and Georgica Pond. To see the world from above in small bites like this reminds us of not just its unique beauty, but also extreme fragility in our hands; Lin’s works serve to capture the constant environmental change effected by humans and call us to live more conscientiously.

Platform: Maya Lin is on view at the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill, NY through October 13, 2014.

-Kate Haveles

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