MBA Fabrications Inc. – Corporate

The corporate styled paintings of Mba Fabrications Inc. are currently hanging at the ground floor space of the Anna Kustera Gallery in Chelsea. Attaining any of these original works of art through the gallery also entitles the purchaser to stock options in the business entity.

Mba Fabrications Inc. - Leap no. 2 - 2011
Mba Fabrications Inc., Leap no. 2, acrylic on wood, 2011.

Donald Ian McCaw is an entrepreneur that has set his sites on the fine art world. He sees painting as a business environment subject to the laws and margins that govern all trade in a capitalist society. The undertaking mimics the tidy structures that drive the marketplace. A number of skilled laborers are managed by a team of specialists to compose this new line of products.

Mba Fabrications Inc. - DIM no. 1 - 2011
Mba Fabrications Inc., DIM no. 1, acrylic on wood, 2011.

The paradoxical nature of this cold gesture toward the nature of the art world is the very spark that moves the whimsical surfaces into the category of fine art. The products themselves are by the professional, for the professional. My practical editorial response is pure encouragement. The people deserve artwork that attends to their needs.

Mba Fabrications Inc. - Pills no. 2 - 2011
Mba Fabrications Inc., Pills no. 2, acrylic on wood, 2011.

Mba Fabrications Inc.
2 February – 3 March 2012
Anna Kustera Gallery

Images courtesy of Anna Kustera Gallery.

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