Nari Ward – Livesupport

An exhibition of sculpture, video and mixed media from Nari Ward is on view at Lehmann Maupin in NYC. “LIVESupport” is the first solo show for the artist with the gallery.

Nari Ward - Sick Smoke - 2010
Nari Ward, Sick Smoke, ambulance, smoke machine, halogen lights and vinyl, 2010.

Much of Nari Ward’s work involves various manifestations of the silhouette. The clever delineations serve to contain or isolate forms that marry a strong visual aesthetic with rigorous concepts.

Nari Ward - Riot Gate Skull side view - 2010
Nari Ward, Riot Gate Skull side view, stencil ink, metal gates, shoe tips and laces and vinyl, 2010.

Difficult times often inspires art that deals with the need for recovery. It can be a chore sifting through the desperate and insincere in this genre. Much of the work says little more than “We’re broke” but Nari Ward has left room for the mind to wander. Despite his high contrast palette and efforts to contour boundaries these works achieve an intriguing ambiguity that will continue to be respected when things turn around.

Nari Ward - Church State - 2010
Nari Ward, Church State, stencil ink, church pews, wheel chair wheels, 2010.

Nari Ward
25 February – 24 April 2010
Lehmann Maupin

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