Natalia Fabia – L.I.M.O. Interview

It’s the eve of “DreamEscape” the second solo show from Natalia Fabia at the Corey Helford Gallery. Natalia was kind enough to answer a few questions for L.I.M.O. Read on to find out more about this engaging artist.

Natalia Fabia - Corey Helford Gallery - Invitation - 2009

When did you first realize that art would play a substantial role in your life?
Wow.. well, I honestly can not remember a day that art was not in my life. I was always around it because my parents were both artists. But I do remember one day when I was about three, I went up to my dad and asked him to draw me a girl and I watched his every move. I was always drawing and attempting to paint, always creating. I remember laying out all of my drawings on our living room floor when I was a kid when my parents’ friends would come over. I would try to sell them my drawings, they were nice and came over and looked at what I had made but they never bought any! What cheapos!

Natalia Fabia - Hooker Headress - 2009

Your ladies have been through many adventures. Could you tell us a bit about where they’ve been and where they may be headed?
Yes, they have! My ladies… my hookers have been to a “Hooker Mansion,” on a “Hooker Safari,” they are currently in “Dreamland” and there are many more places they will be going. I know that some road trips are ahead. Not sure exactly where, but there will be water and lots of funky hotels and brightly colored environments.

Natalia Fabia - Peacock Dancer - 2009

Can you describe the process the paintings undergo from the first spark of an idea to the finished piece?
The idea for a painting is always in my head. I could be inspired by a situation, a place, a person, cute chick or it could be a feeling or story that I want to convey. Whether it is the theme, model or surroundings I usually have the painting fairly worked out in my mind. Sometimes I do a rough sketch. I figure out who I want as the model/models, what the theme and location are and then I plan and have a big photo shoot. I dress and style the models sometimes making clothing for them to wear or using clothes I have made. Then I mess with photos and paint from them. I typically have many paintings going on at once.

Natalia Fabia - Sugar Rush - 2009

Recently you produced the “Miss Hooker Beauty Pageant.” Do you have any new performance related projects in the works?
Yes, I will be having a second “Miss Hooker Beauty Pageant” this year, probably around May. This one will be even better since I already did it once. All the kinks will be ironed out and there is a great possibility for a celebrity comedian to host! A real old school dude. I can not say who the mystery host is yet but he’s great! I want to do this every year and show how amazingly talented girls out there are! I am always surprised by what hidden talents my hookers have. Last year’s “Miss Platinum Puss” tap dancing in a diaper and bib and remaining sexy looking was very unexpected!

Natalia Fabia - Pink Castle in the Air - 2009

What is a “Hooker DreamEscape”?
A “Hooker DreamEscape” is a fantasy like feeling, place or situation… an escape from life. My show “Hooker DreamEscape” is about dreamlike fantasy settings, whether they are in your mind or real places that you want to escape to. Maybe it was just me wanting to get away from things. Kind of escape real life and just not having my mind on crap. I wanted to explore situations that help you to get away from your own thoughts.

Many of the paintings are places and situations that I feel are comfortable and relaxing. For example one painting, “Nap,” a girl lays on the grass and is taking a nap. I thought the whole idea of a nap was so nice and would be such a nice getaway from a stressful day. Sadly, I think those grass naps are very rare these days.

In this series I wanted everything oriented toward comfort, towards escaping the mundane everyday tasks and feeling like it’s a get away. Whether it is a far away land or at your own house.

Natalia Fabia
Hooker DreamEscape
21 February – 14 March 2009
Corey Helford Gallery
Culver City, CA

Thanks to Natalia for sharing with us. Thanks also to Angelique Groh for her assistance.

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  1. doghed says:

    Fabia is a visionary painter, one who creates her own genre. and yet, she can also throw a really, really great party.

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