Patricia Waller – Bad Luck

The current exhibition at Galerie Deschler in Berlin is “Bad Luck”, recent sculpture from Patricia Waller.

Patricia Waller - Who Kills Bambi? - 2008
Patricia Waller, Who Kills Bambi?, 2008.

The crocheted works exude an irony that is difficult to misplace. Strong, violent imagery created with a technique reserved for civilized pursuits.

Patricia Waller - Tweety - 2008
Patricia Waller, Tweety, 2008.

Waller is concerned with the lighthearted violence that is readily accepted by society. Anthropomorphic animals are often subjected to horrors in entertainment that targets children. Her interests are displayed in a disquieting manner which extends the problem in order to clarify the dilemma. If the cultural norm has embraced the torture of talking animals where does that leave the ignorant herd?

Patricia Waller - Bunny - 2008
Patricia Waller, Bunny, 2008.

Patricia Waller
Bad Luck
15 May – 4 July 2009
Galerie Deschler

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2 Responses to Patricia Waller – Bad Luck

  1. l00k says:

    UPDATE *** This exhibit has been extended through July 25.

  2. doghed says:

    now, i will always think of tweety as i eat my cup o’ noodles.

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