Penny Hes Yassour – Phantom Landscapes

A collection of sculpture and drawings by Penny Hes Yassour is on view at the Stux Gallery in NYC.

Penny Hes Yassour - Net-Works - 2008

Yassour lives and works in Israel. She finds inspiration in the constant shift of the political and physical landscape. Borders real and imagined have been in flux for so long that reality is reconsidered daily at the level of personal experience. When walking through the hanging walls that make up “Net-Works” (above and below) the viewer encounters a visual instability that mimics the situation in her part of the world.

Penny Hes Yassour - Net-Works - detail - 2008

The artist cast the rubber that hangs in these camouflaged veils. The character and tone for the silhouettes came from the exquisite drawings that accompany the sculptural forms in this exhibition.

Penny Hes Yassour - Untitled - 2005-2007

Penny Hes Yassour
Phantom Landscapes
26 March – 2 May 2009
Stux Gallery

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