Polly Morgan – Short Sentences, Spoken Softly

Polly Morgan - Short Sentences, Spoken Softly

Short Sentences, Spoken Softly
Private View: 10th September
Exhibition: September 11 – October 22, 2014

458 Broome Street, SoHo, New York City

‘I have been more and more looking at animals formally and less symbolically. For me, the snake seems the most malleable creature, with which it’s possible to work less literally and more abstractly.’ Polly Morgan

Other Criteria presents an exhibition of new work by London-based artist Polly Morgan. Her first show solo show in the US, the exhibition will also mark the first exhibition at Other Criteria’s New York outpost, which opened in May 2014.

Morgan is an accomplished taxidermist who uses her skills to create work in a contemporary context. The exhibition consists of a group of unique sculptures, using taxidermy snakes. In each of the works, the artist playfully navigates between beauty and fear, attraction and repulsion, by shaping these anxiety-inspiring creatures into a series of graceful loops, knots and arabesques. Taking taxidermy away from its gothic associations and revealing more Modernist influences. Removing the animal from it’s usual associations and symbolism, treating them as sculptural materials.

All the animals used in the artist’s work have died from natural causes. No animals are killed for the purpose of making the work.

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