PRISMA Collective

Kaspian Shore

Tom Bagshaw

Audrey Pongracz

Martinne Johanna

Casey Weldon

PRISMA Collective’s “Last Breath of Summer.”

Last Breath of Summer,” opening this Saturday, July 19th is a group show from the artist collective PRISMA (which was created by Kaspian Shore in 2011) at Subtext Gallery in San Diego, California. The 30 member strong collective features many fantastic artists from the New Contemporary movement such as Tom Bagshaw, Casey Weldon, Jen Mann, Sarah Joncas, Allison Sommers, Hsiao Ron Cheng, Kaspian Shore and many others. Above is a small selection of the many wonderful pieces that will be on display during the show.

PRISMA Collective

Subtext Gallery

Via: Supersonic Art

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