Rachel Whiteread – Boston

Rachel Whiteread is enjoying a well deserved solo exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The show opened to a sold out lecture by the artist.

Rachel Whiteread - Place (Village)

The highlight of the exhibit is the installation above, “Place (Village)”. The piece is a collection of approximately two hundred vintage doll houses assembled on a mock hillside. Whiteread has been collecting these miniature dwellings for the past twenty years. Each house is empty and lit from within making for an eerie scene in the darkened gallery. It’s the first time that this work has been seen in the United States. “Place (Village)” ties in well with the holiday season and offers an excellent opportunity to introduce children to the delights of an art museum.

Rachel Whiteread - Study for Village 1st

Sixteen drawings and six sculptures are also on view in an adjacent room. This portion of the show is a good counterpoint to the primary installation. Through the drawings the viewer can experience the formation of ideas that eventually evolve into three dimensions. The sculptural elements are a tribute to the obsession Whiteread has with negative space.

Rachel Whiteread - Circle

Rachel Whiteread
15 October 2008 – 25 January 2009
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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    I do NOT know if you are aware, but MANY peopke in the UK are VERY upset about this website. It is DEEPLY offensive to people who have suffered at the hands of owls.

    PLEASE do something about t,



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