Reuben Margolin – Interview

Upper Playground has posted an enlightening interview with Reuben Margolin on Walrus TV. It’s important to see his sculptures in motion so please scroll down to view the video.

Reuben Margolin - Still from Walrus TV - 2009
Reuben Margolin, Still from Walrus TV, 2009.

Waves are constant in nature from wind through trees and surf lapping the shore to subtle frequencies that require translation by sensitive technologies. Margolin capitalizes on the fundamental human attraction to the undulating form.

Reuben Margolin - Spiral Wave - 2005
Reuben Margolin, Spiral Wave, 2005.

The kinetic sculptures are accomplished through a series of pulleys, strings and joints. The complex wave pieces developed from early walking “caterpillar” experiments. The artist realized that the ground was cutting the wave in half so he suspended the sculptures achieving a fully fluid motion.

Reuben Margolin - Cam Driven Caterpillar - 2002
Reuben Margolin, Cam Driven Caterpillar, 2002.

Beyond providing the motion necessary to experience these pieces, the video below is a showcase of Margolin’s enthusiastic spirit.


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3 Responses to Reuben Margolin – Interview

  1. Barbara Grossman says:

    I “stumbled upon” Reuben Margolin’s Wave TV video this morning and wanted to know a bit more about his background and his work. It prompted me to wonder how individuals are nominated for the MacArthur “genius” awards, so I checked out their FAQs.

    Are there any official “Nominators” within earshot/eyeshot?

    May I offer this brilliant young man for your consideration?

  2. l00k says:

    UPDATE *** This just in from Reuben. His latest work, “Nebula.”

  3. pablo says:

    brilliant, gorgeous. peaceful, solid.

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