Scott Lickstein – Studio Hotline

Artist and NOWhere Limited co-owner Scott Lickstein has opened his studio phone in New York City to your thoughts and desires. Leave him a message, details below.

Scott Lickstein - Studio Hotline

The electric wall between us shields me from the warmth in your soul. Missing in this digital relationship are the inflections and intentions of your vocal range. With all the possibilities literally at our fingertips, there is no longer cause to compromise.

I can’t wait to hear your voice and share it with others. Call my studio in New York City at any hour and leave a message about my work or concerning any subject that interests you. My favorite calls will be posted to Youtube and shared on my website.

Calls are limited to three minutes so be concise. Please hold contact to one call per day. It would be great to know your name but anonymous is just fine. I will have access to your number but I will not investigate callers nor will your number be shared on of offline.

Thanks for taking part in this project.


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