Tara Donovan – Boston

The Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston is wrapping up an exhibit of seventeen works from Tara Donovan. This is the first major museum survey for the accomplished artist. All of the sculptures were created over the past decade including a piece that was commissioned by the ICA for the exhibit. Two weeks prior to the opening, Donovan was named one of twenty five to receive a MacArthur Fellowship.

Tara Donovan - Untitled - Styrofoam Cups

Tara Donovan creates with small objects obsessively connected into large structures. These sculptural installations are composed cell by cell utilizing techniques often associated with craft. The materials employed are generally basic household items such as in the piece “Styrofoam Cups” (above). Donovan’s work transcends ordinary supplies and techniques into a resplendent infinity.

The artist has referred to her sculptures as “site-responsive”. It is important that the lighting and placement of the pieces maximize the feeling of intrusion into the gallery space. As grand as the installations are it is the sensation of uncounted vastness existing beyond the point of entry that humbles each encounter.

Tara Donovan - Untitled

The exhibit in Boston ends on January 4th so hurry over while you have the chance. Luckily, this show has wheels and will travel to Cincinnati, Des Moines and San Diego concluding early in 2010.

Tara Donovan - Untitled - Mylar

Tara Donovan
10 October 2008 – 4 January 2009
The Institute for Contemporary Art

7 February – 11 May 2009
Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art

19 June – 13 September 2009
Des Moines Arts Center

10 October 2009 – 16 January 2010
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

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