The Antidote – NYC

“The Antidote,” a group painting show at Claire Oliver in NYC is up now and will hang through the first week of March. The exhibit features work by Rina Banerjee, Herb Jackson, Aaron Johnson, Jesse McCloskey, Ulf Puder, Tom Sanford and William T. Wiley.

Aaron Johnson - Bleeding Heart - 2010
Aaron Johnson, Bleeding Heart, acrylic on polyester knit mesh, 2010.

Over the past two centuries, the cry that “painting is dead” has been issued to exhaustion by the critical and just plain cranky. The goal of “Antidote” is proof of pulse despite the incessant mutterings of lazy, tabloid-styled art journalists. Perhaps the time has come to smother the platitude with an addendum. Painting is dead, long live painting!

Ulf Puder - Kreidefelsen - 2010
Ulf Puder, Kreidefelsen, oil on linen, 2010.

Diversity of approach is on stage for this group showing. A wide array of methods and motives are showcased standing as evidence that as long as life perseveres there will be painters that can keep up.

Tom Sanford - The Salahis - 2010
Tom Sanford, The Salahis, oil on canvas, 2010.

The Antidote
28 January – 6 March 2010
Claire Oliver Gallery

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  1. Magnus says:

    ‘Painting is dead, long live painting!’ this should be on a tshirt

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