Thomas Wrede – Real Landscapes

The altered landscape photographs of Thomas Wrede are on display at Galerie Wagner + Partner in Berlin.

Thomas Wrede - Bolzplatz - 2008

“Real Landscapes” are portraits of solitude. The series focuses on intimate visions of artificiality overwhelmed by the landscapes they inhabit.

The immediate question concerns the rebellious spirits that would spend their efforts in such remote locations. In most instances, human goals are considered useless unless witnessed and accepted by others. That tree falling without sound in the forest is like a soccer field in the tundra.

Thomas Wrede - Canyon - 2007

The reveal is that these images are shrewd tricks played on the eye. Wrede constructs miniatures and frames them in natural settings. He brings human scale to these open places and we believe.

Thomas Wrede - Strandhotel - Beach Hotel - 2008

Thomas Wrede
Real Landscapes
13 March -25 April 2009
Galerie Wagner + Partner

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