Zefrey Throwell – Panic in the Chalk Cave

Two visually diverse bodies of work and a video from Zefrey Throwell are reaching the end of their stay at Gasser Grunert in NYC.

Zefrey Throwell - Pre-coital Collapse - 2013
Zefrey Throwell, Pre-coital Collapse, oil and acrylic on fabric, 2013.

Visitors entering the gallery are met with a pristine display of eight gray on white paintings. Each piece rests behind glass encased in white frames. The portraits serve as tribute and final resting place for the artist’s father who recently succumbed to methamphetamine addiction. The medium for “At last…rest” was produced from a mixture of the cremated remains of Douglas Throwell sifted with the very substance that ultimately claimed his life.

Zefrey Throwell - Douglas Throwell #13, 44 Years Old - 2013
Zefrey Throwell, Douglas Throwell #13, 44 Years Old, human ash, methamphetamine and acrylic on canvas, 2013.

Zefrey Throwell collaborated with Dirk Skreber to create the video “Time Stau” that is projected in a side room off the upstairs gallery. The film chronicles a story of young love and addiction with a dose of displacement.

Imagery from the video was incorporated into the richly colored mixed media paintings that fill the downstairs exhibition space. The perfect scale and masterful use of material in these pieces grind the cynic to a halt. The pieces are visually stimulating with a sensibility that plays out, one move at a time, not unlike a spirited game of chess.

Zefrey Throwell - It’s Not the Drugs, It’s Us - 2013
Zefrey Throwell, It’s Not the Drugs, It’s Us, oil and acrylic on fabric, 2013.

Zefrey Throwell
Panic in the Chalk Cave
28 February – 23 March 2012
Gasser & Grunert

Images courtesy of Gasser & Grunert.

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