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NOWhere Limited Contemporary Art retails, produces and exhibits editioned multiples and one-of-a-kind works by an adventurous new generation of artists. Since 2006, has specialized in connecting a worldwide audience of collectors and art enthusiasts with work that addresses a wide scope of contemporary styles and ideas. It is based in NYC.

“When it comes to art, we believe nowhere’s limited,” say the founders of the enterprise, artists Scott Lickstein and Elisha Sarti. “There are no steadfast restrictions on style, subject matter or media, although much of art we present has a sense of humor or multiple layers of meaning. Our taste at NOWhere Limited gravitates toward (but of course is not limited to:) pop-culture commentaries, street art- and graffiti-inspired pieces, character-based narratives and sophisticated collage.”

The criteria for selecting the art featured at NOWhere Limited is based on quality of ideas and craftsmanship, as well as a “gut feeling” explained here by Elisha:

“The connection that happens when artwork strikes us as ‘good’ is immediate and almost visceral. Scott and I use our instincts as much as our eyes when evaluating art. It’s hard to describe what makes certain art so compelling, but time has taught us if it appeals to or moves us in some way, it has a similar impact on others. Sharing that experience is exciting and addictive! It’s the reason we created this project.”


Scott Lickstein and Elisha Sarti are a married couple who are each professional artists. They have been organizing art shows in Colorado and online for more than a decade and have recently relocated to NYC. Their style of curating was once described by a fan as an “in-your-face contemporary art conspiracy.” Though the truth is less sinister, that phrase hints at the couple’s renegade yet collaborative spirit. Since 1997, Elisha and Scott have tended to this project in many forms. Previous iterations included Cydonia Lounge ( 1997 – 2002) and (2002 – 2006.) From 2007 – 2009, NOWhere Limited Gallery operated as a brick and mortar space in Nederland, Colorado, just west of Boulder., the current incarnation of this labor of love, has made artwork available to collectors on the Internet since 2006 and is organizing a new suite of pop up exhibits in NYC beginning in 2013. (See the exhibits link for details.)

Scott’s most recent body of artwork is a series of acrylic paintings on canvas, based on an obsession with movies. He also works with collage, found objects, video and digital imaging. Scott was the founder and primary writer for the art news source, LookIntoMyOwl until January 2013 when it merged with NOWhere Limited’s Magazine. Learn more about Scott at:

Elisha works with collage, acrylics and colored pencil on a variety of substrates. The imagery in her artwork often references advertisements, product packaging and pictures collected from the Internet. She frequently creates the surfaces for her paintings and mixed media works from recycled junkmail, paperboard or salvaged fabric. Learn more about Elisha at:


“We are often asked if the name is ‘Now Here’ Limited or ‘Nowhere’ Limited. The answer is: BOTH! When thought of as ‘now here,’ the phrase is the definition of contemporary – the kind of art we show is being produced now; it is current. When thought of as ‘nowhere,’ the word refers to the history of our enterprise. While we now have exhibits in the ‘real world’ and have operated a brick and mortar gallery in Colorado, we began as an online entity, existing in the ‘no where’ of cyberspace. The word ‘limited’ refers to our emphasis on collectible limited edition pieces. In combination, the phrase ‘nowhere limited’ describes our open attitude toward art-making… When it comes to art, we believe nowhere’s limited.” – Elisha and Scott


NOWhere Limited is happy to furnish the press with print- or web- ready pictures, photo opportunities, private viewing appointments and other materials. Elisha, Scott and many of the artists seen via NOWhere Limited are available for interviews and other media inquiries. For further information, please email: pr [at]