Brandi Milne – Sugar Lamb, Go! Black Lamb

$90 USD

Brandi Milne - Sugar Lamb, Go! Black Lamb

TITLE: Sugar Lamb, Go! Black Lamb
ARTIST: Brandi Milne
SIZE: 7 inches long
PRICE: $90 USD + shipping

Please note, this is a special order item and expects to ship within 3 weeks of purchase.

The second of the series (first was Bunny Ride, Go!), Lamb Ride, Go! is based on Brandi’s painting “Carousel Flight; Lamb Face”. The thought behind the painting is the possibility of escaping life’s seriousness and taking a ride in the sky on your favorite carousel ride from your youth. Forever. Brandi hopes the figure can spread some of that nostalgic joy to art fans everywhere.

7 inch Across. Vinyl Figure.
200 pieces worldwide.

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