Elisha Sarti & Scott Lickstein – Make Art / Take Art

Elisha Sarti & Scott Lickstein - Make Art Take Art

We’ve hijacked NOWhere Limited to show our own work for three weeks. The opening is this Saturday at 4pm, hope to see you there. More on the show including opening night photos next week. Here is the official word on an interactive project that will run for the duration of the exhibit.

“Make Art/Take Art is a collaboration between Scott Lickstein and Elisha Sarti and perhaps…you! For this project, the artists have created 16 black ink drawings on collaged backgrounds as well as a stack of “blank” collaged surfaces. The drawings are displayed in a grid formation; the slot for each drawing on the grid is numbered. Interested parties are invited to take one of the exhibited drawings in exchange for their own drawing, which must be completed on site using one of the provided blank surfaces and black ink marker. The drawings on display will be constantly changing, so that a participant may take a piece that has not been drawn by Elisha or Scott but by a random participant. For the duration of the exhibit, each slot will also be available for sale online for $15. Buyers of each slot will acquire whatever random piece occupies the slot number at the time of purchase.”

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About Scott Lickstein, Look Into My Owl

Scott Lickstein is a visual artist and was the founder / primary writer for the art news source, LookIntoMyOwl.com until January 2013 when it merged with NOWhere Limited’s Magazine.