Frank Kozik – Big Army Man – Black

$200 USD

Frank Kozik - Big Army Man in Black

TITLE: Grenade Thrower Army Man “Black”
ARTIST: Frank Kozik
SIZE: 17 inches tall (approximate)
PRICE: $200 USD + shipping

Your favorite tiny army man in jumbo size. Also included are interchangeable empty hand and hand with a grenade. This colorway, “Black,” was produced in a limited edition of 50.

Frank Kozik - Big Army Man in Black

Frank Kozik - Big Army Man in Black

Frank Kozik moved to Austin, Texas as a teenager. His avid enthusiasm for the underground bands of that city led him to create rock posters and album covers. He produced over 3500 designs for the ‘music scene’ in the ’80s and ’90s. Kozik also founded the recording label Man’s Ruin Record in 1995, which had almost 200 releases during its 5-year run. Born in Madrid in 1962, today he lives and works in San Francisco, CA. “Up until now, it seems ‘underground art and design’ has been like a 2-d or acoustical thing. Now it’s 3-d. That’s amazing. The fact that EVERYONE I show the toys to, from all these scattered ‘scenes,’ likes them seems important. It’s a unifying form. I like that.” – Frank Kozik

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