Gary Baseman – Ahwroo

$70 USD

Gary Baseman - Ahwroo

TITLE: Ahwroo
ARTIST: Gary Baseman
SIZE: 7.5 inches tall (approximate)

PLEASE NOTE: Ahwroo is a pre-order and expects to ship to us sometime in March April late summer mid-December.

(UPDATED 05/20) The latest word from the distributor is that they are in production.

Cute and scary, Ahwroo bears his snaggle-toothed grin to express his want of attention. If he doesn’t get it, he just might scratch and draw some blood.

Los Angeles-based Gary Baseman explores the “beauty of the bittersweetness of life” through painting, performance, film, and fashion. Recent projects include a collaboration with COACH; a documentary “Mythical Creatures” about his family heritage; and a traveling retrospective that featured hundreds of his paintings, photographs, videos, and toy and costume designs.

Baseman’s multifaceted career includes illustration for clients including the New York Times, Rolling Stone, the Wall Street Journal and the bestselling board game Cranium; as well as animation for which he created the Emmy and BAFTA award-winning ABC/Disney series “Teacher’s Pet.” He is a frequent speaker at international conferences on graphic, multidisciplinary arts, and visual communications.

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