Jeff Soto – NekoFukurou – Thunderstorm Edition

ARTIST: Jeff Soto
TITLE: NekoFukurou (Thunderstorm Edition)
MEDIUM: Soft casted vinyl (Sofubi)
SIZE: 5.7 inches H

In Japanese, “Neko” means “Cat” and “Fukurou” means “Owl.” Japanese craftsman hand sprayed the colors on to clear casted sofubi (vinyl) to create this 2 faced piece, combining 2 animals often spotted in Jeff Soto’s artworks. This piece is part of an upcoming series in which each piece will stand on each other to make a “NekoFukurou” totem pole. This is the “Thunderstorm” Edition and stands 5.7 inches high x 4.7 inches wide. (14.5 x 12 cm.)

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