Jermaine Rogers – Veil Specimen 129 – Glow – Signed

Jermaine Rogers - Veil Glow

Veil Specimen 129 Glow, Signed and dated,
Jermaine Rogers, vinyl, 11 inches tall (approximate).

Jermaine Rogers - Veil Glow

ARTIST: Jermaine Rogers
SIZE: Figure is 11″ H (approximate)

This classic vinyl figure by Jermaine Rogers was produced by StrangeCo. The figure is approximately 11 inches tall and comes packaged in a screenprinted box. The figure has 3 points of articulation – the arms and neck. The box is signed and dated by the artist twice and features this “message” from Specimen 129 to Vincent Van Gogh in 1887:

”I was made to be unfeeling. A machine. We were bred as a workforce toward Dero ends. We were given no names, only numbers. I am called ‘129’. This was sufficient. I have been worker, henchman, butcher, hunter and terrorist. And now I am ‘traitor’. There is a dangerous game of rebellion being played beneath the world, Vincent. And my hand weighs heavily in it…”

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