Joseph Meloy – The Cardsharps (Caravaggio)

$25 USD

The Cardsharps (Caravaggio) print by Joseph Meloy
The Cardsharps (Caravaggio), Joseph Meloy, archival pigment print, approx. 5 x 7 inches,
signed and numbered edition of 15, 2016, $25 USD plus shipping .

NOWhere Limited – Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the exclusive release of a new, archival print edition by Joseph Meloy: The Cardsharps (Caravaggio). Each signed and numbered piece comes with an assorted pack of stickers and a button featuring Meloy’s creation: “The Primate.”

This edition, printed with high resolution archival pigments on heavyweight acid-fee 100% cotton paper, measures approximately 5 x 7 inches. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist and is priced at $25 USD per copy, plus shipping. With each print, the collector receives an assorted pack of stickers and a button produced by the artist. A printer’s proof edition is also available. It is limited to just 2 copies and is priced at $35 USD, plus shipping, each. ***UPDATE*** The proofs are SOLD OUT.

This image is part of an ongoing series of fine art parody pieces Meloy has been working on for the past few years, and refers to the famous post-Renaissance painting by Caravaggio. Meloy’s version stars his iconic character The Primate, as described below…

The Primate is New York City’s omnipresent street creature. Originally conjured up in 2012, over the past few years, The Primate has evolved into an autonomous, sentient being, and is always there to greet you in public bathrooms, pizzerias, and sticker spots across the globe. (IG: @theprimatenyc)

The Primate Assorted Sticker Pack by Joseph Meloy

Joseph Meloy is a visual artist born and raised in New York City. Working in a style he coined “Vandal Expressionism”, his particular brand of post-graffiti abstraction draws heavily from AbEx, art brut, surrealism, cave painting and pop art, invoking primal elements of graffiti and the iconography of damage and intrusion from street art to turn the calligraphic scribbles of the street into a medium for artistic divination. Unencumbered by distinctions between the abstract and the figurative, his work delves into the impulses of the subconscious, transcribing them spontaneously onto canvas, paper and wall in an otherworldly yet distinctly urban visual language.

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