Kozyndan – Uprisings – Dark Blue

Kozyndan - Uprisings - Deep Blue
Uprisings: Dark Blue,Kozyndan, vinyl, 9.5 inches tall.

TITLE: Uprisings: Dark Blue
ARTIST: Kozyndan
SIZE: 9.5 inches tall
MEDIUM: vinyl

“Uprisings” by Kozyndan originated as an illustration inspired by the classic Hokusai woodblock print, “The Great Wave off Kanagawa.” Kozyndan have transformed the piece into a unique vinyl sculpture that playfully mixes classic Japanese art with the whimsy of pop surrealism.

After overwhelming demand for the first two editions, they brought back Uprisings with a new colorway featuring dark blue metallic water cresting into pearlescent white bunnies. Can be displayed alone or used as bookends.

Kozyndan - Uprisings - Deep Blue

Kozyndan - Uprisings - Deep Blue

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