Mark Ryden – The Gay ’90s: Old Tyme Art Show

Brace yourself New York, it’s Mark Ryden’s first major solo show on the island since 2003 and he’s brought the goods. “The Gay 90’s: Old Tyme Art Show” opens Thursday, April 29th at the Paul Kasmin Gallery. Here is a peek.

Mark Ryden - Incarnation #100 - 2009
Mark Ryden, Incarnation (#100), oil on panel, 2009.

Ryden has put together an exhibition that carries over his easily identifiable style with a meticulous commitment to the application of oil paint. Be sure to check out the time lapse video from the making of “Incarnation” at the bottom of this post.

Mark Ryden - The Piano Player - 2010
Mark Ryden, The Piano Player, oil on canvas, 2010.

For some time, his paintings have concentrated on the juxtaposition of the darling and disgusting with subtle stabs at humor. Some of the work exhibited bypasses innuendo and heads straight for the punchline. Knee-jerk opinion will raise suspicion but the fact is that these pieces are strong and the artist should be commended for his alterations to the expected.

Mark Ryden - The Grinder - 2010
Mark Ryden, The Grinder, oil on canvas, 2010.

Oh Abe!

Mark Ryden - Riding with the Lord - 2010
Mark Ryden, Riding with the Lord, graphite and watercolor on paper, 2010.

If you have merely seen the paintings in digital form, do yourself a favor, jaded New Yorkers, drop the pretense and get over to the gallery.

Mark Ryden - Virgin and Child - 2010
Mark Ryden, Virgin and Child, oil on canvas, 2010.

The images in this post have been updated (at the request of the artist) to include the intricate hand carved frames that stage these exceptional works.

Mark Ryden - Pink Lincoln - 2010
Mark Ryden, Pink Lincoln, oil on canvas, 2010.


Mark Ryden
The Gay 90’s: Old Tyme Art Show
29 April – 5 June 2010
Paul Kasmin Gallery

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9 Responses to Mark Ryden – The Gay ’90s: Old Tyme Art Show

  1. sigal arad inbar -pookatak says:

    I was sooo lucky to be there in time for the opening. see the” breath taking” works flash & blood ,talk to the king,(even got a very precious gift from him :)) and finding out that he he’s actually a saint!!! thank u Mark Ryden for making my world so much more interesting and … much more beautiful !!!

  2. Adam Lamont says:

    “Dear art world, more time-lapse videos of your art in progress please!” ~ I totally hear the Simpson’s Comic store dude voice in that comment

  3. Jim D'Amato says:

    These are great images. Looking forward to the show!

  4. jermaine rogers says:

    more piano-playing-jesus!

  5. Merriah Lamb says:

    Mark Ryder makes strangely beautiful art.

  6. Justin Hampton says:

    WOW!!!! Seeing Mark’s process in the time lapse was amazing! Man, he’s good!!!! Love his work and the new stuff is as strong as ever. I saw his exhibition at the Frye Museum in Seattle in 2005 and it was mind blowing.

  7. lanz says:

    Dear art world, more time-lapse videos of your art in progress please!

  8. Elisha says:

    Oooh, nice! Love Abe’s suit. Maybe I’ll get to see this in May…

  9. Yosef Paintings says:

    Very fond of Giger , Luis Royo, Salvador Dali , Mark Ryden, and the guy that does that Babyart stuff.

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