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NOWhere Limited is pleased to offer conservation quality, sleek-looking framing on selected prints!

Here’s an overview of the components; scroll down for more details:

  • FRAME: anodized metal, 15 x 15.25 inches, includes attached wire – ready to hang
  • MATBOARD: Alphamat Artcare™ Archival matboard
  • MOUNTBOARD: Artcare™ Archival foamboard
  • GLAZING: UV Protected, Non-Glare Acrylic

The piece framed measures 15 x 15.25 x 1.25 inches and is shipped to you completely assembled and ready to hang. The frame and the components used to mount and mat the print are museum (conservation) quality and meet the FACTS Standard guide for Permanence in Paper Mat and Mounting Boards. That is, these items are acid-free, lignin-free, pH neutral (buffered), sulfur-free and certified free of other contaminants by their manufacturers. We chose the matboard and mountboard from the Artcare™ Archival System by Bainbridge, which in addition to being conservation-grade has also been formulated to protect artwork from the effects of damaging pollutants entering the frame from the environment by absorbing potentially harmful contaminants before they reach the artwork.

The frame itself is a simple yet stylish matte black or matte white anodized metal. The conservation quality acid- and lignin-free mat, cut from 1/16th inch thick white Alphamat Artcare™ Archival matboard, makes a 1 inch border around the print. The mountboard backing, also acid- and lignin-free, is made from Artcare™ Archival foamboard. The print is mounted to this using a small strip of acid- and lignin-free hinging tissue. The glazing (the glass or acrylic on the front of the picture frame) is non-glare CYRO ACRYLITE® conservation acrylic, which offers 98% UV filtering and is guaranteed by the company to be defect-free (smooth.)

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