Scott Lickstein – Beacon

$75 USD

Beacon print by Scott Lickstein
Beacon, Scott Lickstein, 6 Color Serigraph on 100 lb. Cougar cover stock, 23 x 17 inches, signed and numbered edition of 10, 2018, $75 USD plus shipping.

ARTIST: Scott Lickstein
MEDIUM: 6 Color Serigraph on 100 lb. Cougar cover stock
SIZE: 23 x 17 inches (approximate)


Beacon was made from 6 screens and was printed as an edition of 10 signed and numbered prints, exclusively available at NOWhere Limited.

A second “defaced” edition, a 9 color print, is also available in an edition of only 5.

The imagery for this print was initially realized as a 9 foot mural in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. With a few touch-ups, the painting lasted for 3 years before succumbing to the hasty tags of the graffiti writer. Here is what Scott has to say about the genesis of this print project.

“I really like what happened with the mural. The decay started slow, a small namedrop on the shoulder, then the tie took a hit and eventually a headshot of large bubble letters. Since then it’s been one tag covering another and the war has returned this wall to the streets. I was happy for the long run but wanted something permanent to recall the mural and so that’s how the screen print came about.”

Scott has a new studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that is set up for silkscreen printing and these are the first editions.

“I love the physical process of ‘pulling’ prints. It’s a fantastic feeling watching an idea come to life, one color at a time,” says the artist. “When I go into the studio, it’s always a marathon session. I emerge with a broad smile and freshly inked smudges on my clothing. In the near term, I’ll be producing my own work, but eventually, I’d like to collaborate with other artists to bring their visions to a wider audience.”

Scott Lickstein is an artist, curator, and filmmaker who lives and works in New York City. He was an early art influencer on the internet and is responsible for the co-creation of one of the very first online galleries. Over the past two decades, he has curated more than one hundred art exhibitions serving both digital and physical spaces. During that time he has also published more than five hundred articles on the subject of contemporary art. He now exhibits his artwork regularly at a variety of venues in New York City.

Beacon print by Scott Lickstein

For more information about Scott Lickstein, please consult his website at: and his Instagram @scottlickstein

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