Tom Sanford – Lil Wayne

$100 USD

Lil Wayne print by Tom Sanford
Lil Wayne, Tom Sanford, archival pigment print, approx. 22 x 17 inches,
signed and numbered edition of 100, 2016, $100 USD plus shipping .

NOWhere Limited is pleased to announce the exclusive release of a new, signed and numbered archival pigment print edition by Tom Sanford: Lil Wayne

This high resolution archival pigment print measures approximately 22 x 17 inches. The signed and numbered edition of 10 is printed on acid free paper and is priced at $100 USD per copy, plus shipping. A printer’s proof edition is also available: here It is limited to just 10 copies and is priced at $250 USD.

About this piece, Tom says:

I made this painting of Lil Wayne back in 2009, the same year Adam Bhala Lough released his documentary “The Carter.” Now, seven years later, my painting is being used as the cover art for the internet re-release of the film and so we thought this would be a wonderful reason to issue a print of the painting.

The painting is one that I find particularly successful in a technical sense. Inspired by Otto Dix’s 1913 self portrait of the young artist smoking, I hoped to engender a similar expressionistic pathos by juxtaposing a finely painted portrait of Dwayne Carter with a much more expressionistic style in painting the pot smoke coming out of his mouth, gooey and thick with oily medium.

When Bhala approached me about using this image for the re-release of “The Carter” I was incredibly flattered. His film is a powerful documentation of Lil Wayne’s surrealist-like artistic process and his alienation as he descends into a drug induced isolation. Adam’s documentary perfectly captured my ambivalent feelings about this fascinating artist’s life and work. I love the painting I made, but his documentary is a masterpiece and I am thrilled to have this association with “The Carter.”

Lil Wayne print by Tom Sanford

Tom Sanford is a New York-based artist whose work is exhibited around the world. His paintings, which range from historical works depicting celebrity assassinations to portraits of gangsta rappers and teen pop tarts to elaborate cosmologies weaved together from Hollywood movies, reflect a deep ambivalence about the American cultural condition.

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